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Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology Department Commenced in 1999, the Department of Information Technology has provided the engineering education services to the students to develop the soft skills and enhance their knowledge in Information Technology. The Department aims to produce the students as outstanding and qualified engineers. The Department consists of highly qualified and experienced IT engineering teachers. There are almost 320 undergraduate students who are learning their undergraduate study in First year to Sixth year respectively.

In order to maintain the standard of education, the Department constantly upgrades the academic syllabuses so as to keep the students well trained to deal with changing trends in the field of Information Technology (Digital and Electronics, Network and Communication, Computer System, Distributed Systems, Programming and Software Engineering, Database, and Signal Processing and Control).



Aims to be a department which trains systematically the students in IT engineering education based on research and innovation and to produce the qualified and creative IT Professionals...


To achieve the vision the department will

  • establish a useful and modern Course, Curriculum for IT Engineering.
  • provide Tutorial, Assignment, Lab, Practical and Workshop for subjects.
  • provide LAB equipment for high quality engineering process.
  • provide Industry Training, Job Training, Field Study, Research and Project.
  • provide students with knowledge required for highly quality engineering process.
  • provide creativity, development activities, integration, sharing and applying knowledge about Information Technology.

Degree Award

  • Bechalor of Engineering (Informatin Technology)
  • Master of Engineering (Informatin Technology)

Research Area

  • Computer Netwoking
  • Wireless Communication
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Information Security
  • Distributed Systems

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Head of Department

Dr. Moe Moe Aye
Professor, Ph.D (Information Technology)

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Laboratories and Workshops

There are several laboratories in our Department as follows:

  • Signal and Image Processing Lab
  • Embedded and Microcontroller Lab
  • Digital and Electronics Lab
  • Software Development and Simulation Lab
  • Computer Network and Wireless Communication Lab
  • Information and Network Security Lab
  • Distributed Systems Lab

The Department of Information Technology is situated at Buiding (3) in Technological University (Mandalay).

There are 16 (full time) teachers in Department of Information Technology.

There is 1 clerk for Information Technology Department.

300 number of students (Undergraduate and Postgrudate) are attending in Information Technology Programme at (2017-2018) Academic Year.

Labs, Projects, Fields and Activities

Laboratories, Projects, Fields and Activities are important part of the engineering curriculums. Department of Information Technology has the following Labs, Projects, Fields and Activities:

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Smart Home Project

TUM core courses which ensure knowledge of all the functional areas of Engineering.

filler image

Robot Arm Project

TUM core courses which ensure knowledge of all the functional areas of Engineering.

filler image

MRTV Field Trip

TUM core courses which ensure knowledge of all the functional areas of Engineering.

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Knowledge Sharing by MCPA

TUM core courses which ensure knowledge of all the functional areas of Engineering.


TUM is standing with the 63 years experiences of engineering education services. This is a great image of the University in Myanmar for long life education service.

TUM consists of six faculties and ten departments which are making efforts under the qualified process on teaching, learning and practical training for the outcomes based education of the students.

Contact Details

Telephone: 095-02-61594, 095-09-2016510
Fax: 095-02-61592
Email: info@tum-mandalay.edu.mm
Email: tumdyobo@gmail.com
Website: www.tum-mandalay.edu.mm

Technological University-Mandalay
Block 446/447, Aung Chan Thar Quarter,
Pathein Gyi Township, Mandalay City
Mandalay Region, Myanmar.