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We welcome you on behalf of the department, staff, and students of the Department of Civil Engineering at the Technological University (Mandalay), TUM.
Our Department was founded in 1955. We stand tall and are very proud to be one of the largest contributors of quality civil engineering graduates to the nation. Technological University (Mandalay) has a clear vision, mission and strategic plan to move forward. Our Department is one of the strongest and well-established Academic Departments in our university system. The current academic staff strength of 2 Senior Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 8 Lecturers, 11 Assistance Lecturers and 2 Demonstrators makes it an academically strong department. Presently the department accommodates over 300 undergraduates and 16 postgraduate students. While the flagship programme is the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) programme, the department also offers Postgraduate Degree Programmes; it is also actively engaged in research and development activities. The field of Civil Engineering is very broad. Undergraduate programme is covering many areas such as planning, design and construction of buildings, highways, railway, airport and bridges, water supply and irrigation, water and waste water treatment, and Construction & HR management, etc. The department’s postgraduate programme (master degrees) with coursework and research in: Environmental, Geotechnical, Hydraulics, Structures, Transportation and Water Resources. Department strives hard to provide quality education to prepare our students for professional position in civil engineering. TUM has established its own quality management systems and testing based on ISO 9001:2015 that obtain both certifications and maintaining it since 2015.
TUM has strong links with the industries, construction companies and other ministries. Our department is research-oriented, student-centered Department. Group Research within the department is focused on development of our country. Peoples’ life styles and technologies are developing very fast, so Civil Engineers face new changes and challenges day by day. It is our mission to provide you with the advanced syllabus to face these changes and challenges with strongly confidence.


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