Master Programme (M.E) 2 Year
October 13, 2020

Master degree programme provides the advanced skills and research needed to work as a qualified engineer in specific specialized-areas. It encompasses the latest research for the development of society and solving the real world problems.
The student who wants to join master degree programme must possess a bachelor degree in engineering passed with credit in a specific field. Students are required to take the entrance exam and oral test. The students who pass the entrance exam and oral test can join the master degree programme. They are required to attend one year course work and one year thesis.

The master degree programmes are:
M.E (Civil Engineering)
M.E (Electronics Engineering)
M.E (Electrical Power Engineering)
M.E (Mechanical Engineering)
M.ARCH (Architecture)
M.E (Information Technology)
M.E (Mechatronic Engineering)
M.E (Chemical Engineering)