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Metallurgical Engineering involves the study, innovation, design, implementation, and improvement of processes that transform mineral resources and metals into useful products that improve the quality of our lives. Metals provide the foundation for our modern way of life. We need metals to generate electricity to drive our electronic age society as well as for vehicles, buildings, machines, and home appliances. Metals come from minerals that must be physically separated and chemically processed in order to transform them into the important products we use everyday. Metallurgical engineers work to meet the mineral and metal product needs of our modern civilization in an environmentally responsible way by designing processes and products that minimize waste, maximize energy efficiency, increase performance, and facilitate recycling.
Metallurgical Engineering is the science and technology of processing materials to extract, refine and recycle metals. These processes include the development and use of metals and alloys that have specific physical properties.
Metallurgical Engineering has three distinct branches:

Physical Metallurgy:
ï‚· Uses metal science to develop and use metals and metallic alloys for the millions of manufacturing activities that are undertaken every day to keep our modern technically oriented society supplied with the goods and machines that it needs to remain healthy.
Mineral Processing:
ï‚· Deals with the recovery of valuable mineral products, many of which contain metals, from the crust of the earth.
Extractive Metallurgy:
ï‚· Uses chemical processing at high temperature or in solution to convert minerals from inorganic compounds to useful metals and other materials.

Historical Background of Department
Department was established in 2012 at Technological University (Mandalay), arrangement by Dr. Aye Myint, who was the rector of Technological University (Mandalay).
Heads of department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science are
(1) Dr. Chaw Su 2012 – 2015
(2) U Aung Myint Wai 2015 – At Present
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Try to progress the metallurgy sector , to develop our country

To become a globally competent department in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.


 To achieve the vision our diligent faculty will use effective, continually updated methodologies.  To mould metallurgical and materials engineering graduates with professional excellence and social responsibility.  To carry out quality research of national global relevance.  To provide highest quality technical support and knowledge to industries.

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