Department of Electronic Engineering

Department of Electronic Engineering (EC) provides an Electronic engineering education to our graduates and post graduate students. The Department of Electronic Engineering has been established since the Government Technical Institute, Mandalay was opened in 1955. Department started Under Graduate program in the year 1995 and the Post-Graduation Programme was started in the year 2008. Therefore, Department of Electronic Engineering of TUM is 63 years old in engineering education service.




The programming will be recognized by international in Electronics and Communication field with research focusing on the needs of our community.


The Electronics Engineering Programme has the primary mission of providing a quality engineering education with

  • To do continual development by reviewing and prescribing modernized curriculum in electronics and communication technologies
  • To hold seminars, workshops, conferences and trainings program for upgrading the teaching capacity of the staff
  • To create better learning environments for students
  • To equip with practical and laboratory facilities for better performance
  • To encourage research projects
  • To implement better quality management system in the department

Degree Award

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)
  • Master of Engineering (Electronics)

Research Area/ Field

  • Control System
  • Microelectronic and Embedded Technology
  • Networking and Communication System
  • Signal Processing

Laboratories and Workshops

Laboratories and particles are important part of the Electronic Engineering curriculums. Department of Electronic Engineering has the follwing laboratories:

  • Circuit Lab 1 (Dept:)
  • Circuit Lab 2 (Workshop)
  • PLC Programming Methods and Techniques Lab (Dept:)
  • Technical Programming Lab (Main Building R 214)
  • Networking and Communication Lab (Dept:)