Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering provides a chemical engineering education to our graduate students and post graduate students. In Technological University (Mandalay), the plastic and rubber engineering department was opened in 1993 to produce technicians with diplomas. And then the food and chemical engineering was opened in 2000 to produces technicians with diplomas. Then the Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree was first offered from 2000 to now and the post graduate programme was started in 2006.


To promote the warfare of public by chemical engineering


To efficient professional chemical engineers for future and to produce good chemical engineers who play a leading role in factories and workshops to develop our country by applying the chemical engineering subjects theoretically and practically


The Chemical Engineering Programme has the primary mission of providing a quality engineering education with

  1. To provide academic programs of the high quality and standard of chemical engineering to have to fulfill the individuals to local and development
  2. To produce qualified chemical engineers suitable for the need of the jobs
  3. To be professional chemical engineers in the tasks which is related to chemical engineering
  4. To be an engineer who can generate the sophisticated technology based on science and technology known
  5. To apply knowledge and skills learnt well to improve ourselves and our country

Degree Awards

– Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)

– Master of Engineering (Chemical)

Research Area/ Field

– Environmental Engineering

Laboratories and Workshop

1. Analysis Laboratory I

2. Analysis Laboratory II            

3. Process Laboratory