Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  1. Department History

Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the departments of Technological University (Mandalay). In this university, Mechanical Department established in January 20, 2007. It is opened at the east of university. As all teachers and lab technicians, there are 26 staffs and about 350 students in almost every academic year. Under the department of Mechanical, constitute with five engineering field areas.

  • Logo
  • Motto

‘Leading to Mechanized Age; Using the Modern Technologies’

  • Vision

      To nature competent Mechanical engineers in the regional.

  •  Mission
  • To implement the effective teaching-learning system with modernized curriculum, syllabus and practical work
  • To help the developments of research activities
  • To support the developments of industrial production
  • To development human resources based on physical and spiritual morality
  • To create better job opportunities for the students
  • Objectives of Department
  • To have at least 80% pass rate of mechanical engineering students.
  • To reduce the customer complaints lower than 10%.
  • Degree Awards
  • Bachelor of engineering B.E(Mechanical)
  • Master of engineering M.E(Mechanical)

8. Research Area of Department

  • Solid Mechanics
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Renewable Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Fluid Mechanics

 About latest Research, Project, Field and other Activities

  • Canal Water Pumping System for Irrigation
  • Screw Press Oil Expeller
  • Solar Seed Sawing Machine
  • Gear Box Design of AR-120 Reaper                         
  • Pedestal Bogie Suspension system                                        
  • Home Made Used HAWT                                                                 
  • Centrifugal Pump Impeller Design
  • River Pumping Project                                                                                               
  • Design and Construction of Solar Water Pumping System
  • Design and Development of Power Weeder
  • Design and Construction of Solar Power Supplied System

9. Laboratories and Workshops

  • Computer Lab
  • Solid Mechanics Lab
  • Renewable Energy Lab
  • Thermal Lab
  • Machine Workshop
  • Fitting Workshop
  • Welding Workshop
  • Engine Workshop

10. Location of Department (Building No./Name)

            Mechanical Engineering Department is situated at Room (8-E) in TUM   since 2015.

11. Department Email

12. Curriculum for Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

TABLE 1: Curriculum for Bachelor of engineering B.E Programme Structure According to Year / Semester and Total Credit  Hours

Sr.Course No.Course TitleCourse TypeIHL CreditsEEAC Equivalent Credits 
Non Engineering CoursesEngineering
Non Engineering Courses 
Y1S1M-11011MyanmarCompulsory 2 2 
E-11011EnglishCompulsory 2 2 
EM-11001Engineering MathematicsCompulsory 4 4 
E.Ph-11011Engineering PhysicsCompulsory 3 3 
E.Ch-11011Engineering ChemistryCompulsory 4 4 
ME-11011Basic Engineering DrawingCore2 2  
ME-11012Workshop PracticeCore11 
Y1S2M-12011MyanmarCompulsory 2 2 
E-12011EnglishCompulsory 2 2 
EM-12002Engineering MathematicsCompulsory 4 4 
E.Ph-12011Engineering PhysicsCompulsory 3 3 
E.Ch-12011Engineering ChemistryCompulsory 4 4 
ME-12011Basic Engineering DrawingCore22 
ME-12012Workshop PracticeCore11 
Y2S1E-21011EnglishCompulsory 2 2 
EM-21003Engineering MathematicsCompulsory 4 4 
ME-21011Machine DrawingCore2 2  
Y2S1  ME-21012Workshop TechnologyCore2 2  
ME-21015Engineering MechanicsCore        2        2 
Met-21071Engineering MaterialsCompulsory 2 
EP-21013Applied Electrical EngineeringCompulsory 2 2 
Y2S2E-22011EnglishCompulsory 2 2 
EM-22004Engineering MathematicsCompulsory 4 4 
ME-22011Machine DrawingCore2 2  
ME-22012Workshop TechnologyCore2 2  
ME-22015Engineering MechanicsCore        2        2 
Met-22071Engineering MaterialsCore 2 
EP-22013Applied Electrical EngineeringCompulsory 2 2 
Y3S1E 31011EnglishCompulsory 2 2 
EM 31005Engineering MathematicsCompulsory 44 
ME 31013Engineering ThermodynamicCore3 3  
ME 31014Strength of MaterialCore3 3  
ME 31015Theory of Machines ICore3 3  
ME 31022Production TechnologyCompulsory 3 3 
EcE 31025Analogue and Digital ElectronicsCompulsory 2 2 
Y3S2E 32011EnglishCompulsory 2 2 
EM 32006Engineering MathematicsCompulsory 4 
ME 32013Engineering ThermodynamicCore3 3  
ME 32014Strength of MaterialCore3 3  
ME 32015Theory of Machines ICore3 3  
ME 32022Production TechnologyCore 3 3 
EcE 32025Analogue and Digital ElectronicsCompulsory 2 2 
Y4S1      E 41011EnglishCompulsory 2 2 
EM 41007Engineering MathematicsCompulsory 4 
ME 41032Manufacturing Systems and AutomationsCore2 2  
ME 41031Design of Machine ElementCore22 
ME 41033Heat TransferCore3 3  
ME 41016Fluid Mechanics ICore3 3  
ME 41015Theory of Mechanics IICore3 3  
ME 41019Computer Application in Mechanical EngineeringCore3 3  
Y4S2E 42011EnglishCompulsory 2 2 
EM 42008Engineering MathematicsCompulsory 44 
ME 42032Manufacturing Systems and AutomationsCore2 2  
ME 42031Design of Machine ElementCore22 
ME 42033Heat TransferCore3 3  
ME 42016Fluid Mechanics ICore3 3  
ME 42015Theory of Mechanics IICore33 
ME 41019Computer Application in Mechanical EngineeringCore3 3  
Y5S1ME 51043Gas Turbine TheoryCore 3 3 
ME 51015Vibration and ControlCore3 3  
ME 51017Refrigeration and Air-conditioningCore3 3  
ME 51028Industrial Engineering and ManagementCore22 
ME 51023Internal Combustion EnginesCore3 3  
ME 51016Fluid Mechanics IICore3 3  
ME 51031Integrated Design ProjectCore1 1  
Y5S2ME52043Gas Turbine TheoryCore 3 3 
ME 52015Vibration and ControlCore3 3  
ME 52017Refrigeration and Air-conditioningCore3 3  
ME52028 Industrial Engineering and ManagementCore22 
 ME52023Internal Combustion EnginesCore3 3  
 ME 52016Fluid Mechanics IICore3 3  
 ME 52031Integrated Design ProjectCore1 1  
Y6S1ME 61020 ME 61022 ME 61025Renewable Energy Flexible Manufacturing System/ Automobile EngineeringElective2 2  
ME 61028Engineering ManagementCore2 2  
ME 61012  Huminities and Social ScienceCompulsory 4 4 
Y6S2 Internship 4 4  
Mini Thesis 8 9  
TOTAL CREDIT HOURS1178811788 104.599

TABLE 2 : List of Elective Courses According to Areas of Field Specialization               (if applicable)

Thermal EngineeringME 61023Automobile Engineering     
Production TechnologyME 61022Flexible Manufacturing System 
Renewable EnergyME 61020Renewable Energy 

13. Curriculum for Master of Mechanical Engineering

TABLE 3: Curriculum for Master of engineering M.E (Mechanical)

M.E (Mechanical Engineering) (Semester I) (15 weeks)

Sr.NoCodeCoursesPeriod/weekCredit Points
2EM-7001Advanced Calcus4206 
3ME-71016Viscous Fluid Flow4105 
4ME-71023Advance Internal Combustion Engine4105 
5ME-71028Product Quality Management4105 

M.E (Mechanical Engineering) (Semester II) (15 weeks)

Sr.NoCodeCoursesPeriod/weekCredit Points
2EM-7001Advanced Calcus2103 
3ME-72014Advance Strength of Materials4206 
4ME-72025Farm Machinery4105 
5ME-72033Heat and Mass Transfer4105 

14. Laboratory and Workshop Photo

Computer Lab

Renewable Energy Lab

Mechanical Workshop

15. Teacher and student training

Closing ceremony of student evaluation training course

Certification award

Course & curriculum

Opening ceremony of solid work training course

Industrial training course

Industrial training course

                                               Field trip (2018-2019)

                                               Field trip (2022-2023)

Field trip (2022-2023)

Benchmarking with Mandalay Technological University

16. Students Lab/ Practical and Workshop

Student lab photo

Student lab photo

Student lab photo

Student lab photo

Student lab photo

Student lab photo

Student lab photo

Student lab photo

17. Sport Activities Photo

ဒုတိပါမောက္ခချုပ်မှ စက်မှုအင်ဂျင်နီယာကျောင်းသားအားကစားသမားများကို ကြိုဆိုနှုတ်ခွန်းဆက်ခြင်း

2018-2019 Academic Year  တံခွန်စိုက်ဒိုင်းဆုရ ဘော်လီဘော အားကစားသမားများ

18. Students Activities photo

Activities photo

Activities photo

18. Latest News and Events of Department

Competition in project show (Robotic Arm)

Competition in project show (Solar Refrigerator)